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Foundation Hairdressing

Are you passionate about becoming a hair professional? Do you believe that qualification is key to your long term success?

There is no finer beginning for anyone wanting to make their first mark on the world of hair than the 8 weeks Prabhat diploma course. The course in which we will be covering all the subjects needed you with a fast track to hairdressing success, with all work sessions, theory and practical assignments.

1) 8 weeks diploma (Ladies Long Hairdressing)

  • Personal hygiene / salon cleanliness/professional ethics
  • Hair anatomy and structure study
  • Hairgrowth lifecycle
  • Backwash procedure (shampoo / conditioning)
  • Client consultation and care
  • Methodulogy (distribution / elevation/ cut / parting and sectioning)
  • Foundation haircut techniques (lines/ graduation / layers)
  • Faceshape study
  • Texturizing techniques
  • Blowset technique ( incurl /outcurl /straight / Velcro rullers setting)
  • Tongs (horizontal and vertical curls and waves pattern)
  • Styling product knowledge and application method
  • Correct usage of styling touls and products
  • Rebonding and relaxing treatments
  • Haircoloring techniques (highlights /lowlights/ global application / root touchup)
  • Different foiling technique ( weaving /slicing )
  • Keratin treatment
  • color wheel theory
  • Root touch up and global color application
  • Hair Spa treatment / scalp treatments
  • Head massage techniques
  • Perm treatment
  • Basic updo techniques (braids /twist/ buns)

Toul kit

• Scissor /comb/tailcomb/ flatbrush / section clips/ round brush/ dryer / mannequin head

2. Salon Advance Cut (Level 2 ) 10 Days – 20,000/-
Staying motivated can be a constant challenge, so this course is tailor made to assist you in achieving your goals.
The salon advance cut course will elevate your day to day salon work to new level.
The course is focused on innovative cutting techniques can be tailored to suit your clients.

  • Demonstrations
  • Practical session on mannequin head
  • Disconnection haircut techniques
  • Shag cut
  • Layering techniques .
  • Graduation technique
  • Managing weight and creating balance through personalization
  • Blowdrying and styling techniques
  • Different sectioning techniques
  • Texturing techniques according to different hair texture

Toul kit
• Scissor /comb/tailcomb/ flatbrush / section clips/ round brush/ dryer / mannequin head

3. Creative haircut, color and styling course (national and international competition course) (10 days) 15,000/-
The creative hair cut course focuses on competition hairdressing techniques, exploring your creative side.
if you wish to participate in national or international hairdressing competition, this course is for you. We teach you the techniques which help you to achieve an award winning look for the competitions, cullecting pictures from nature, architecture , creating mood board and taking inspiration from the mood board and achieving a creative look.

  • Preparation of mannequin heads
  • Competition cutting techniques
  • Styling the cut
  • Proper color placement
  • Achieving the desired look in the given time


4. Hair color (ABC) 10 days (20,000)

The ABC color course is the perfect introduction to this invigorating medium, as selecting and applying color is a skill.
During this course you will study color chart theory, as well as total, partial and combination color techniques through demonstration and hands on work session. You will soon be confident in choosing color that complement your clients skin tone and correct application techniques that will add a new dimension to the cut.

Learning Focus

  • Partial color techniques (weaving/ slicing)
  • Total color techniques (root touch up/ global coloring)
  • Combining techniques
  • ABC color lecture
  • Depth and tone coloring
  • color wheel theory
  • Foiling placement techniques
  • Highlights
  • Lowlights


5. Salon advance color (10 Days)  Level 2 30,000/-
The course covers innovative sectioning and application techniques with guidance on effective color choice and color mixing. We will illustrate the relevance of color in creating a total look, together with its relationship in adding depth and enhancing the cut.

Learning Focus

  • Demonstration
  • Practical session on live models
  • Balayage / French balayage
  • Ombre techniques
  • Teasing balayage techniques
  • Underlights
  • Different sectioning patterns
  • Funky color & their placement


6. ABC Men (2month) 60,000/-
During our ABC men’s course you will study how classic men’s techniques of scissor over comb together with layering, graduation and lines. Essential variation will show how these fundamental techniques combine to produce a complete range of contemporary shape which, when perfected gives the platform to create a comprehensive repertoire of looks.
Throughout the course you will also study how proportion, suitability and bone structure impact on the choice of techniques and be able to implement this into your everyone men’s work.

Learning Focus

  • Demonstration
  • Practical session on mannequin head and live model
  • Suitability, proportion and bone structure lecture
  • Layering techniques
  • Graduated techniques
  • Combining techniques
  • Scissor and clipper over comb techniques
  • Disconnection techniques
  • Working with partings
  • Finishing hair using product
  • Methodulogy (distribution / elevation/ cut/ parting / sections)
  • Setting / dressing and styling hair
  • Trimming beard and moustache setting
  • Safety considerations while cutting men’s hair
  • Curl cutting, free hand cut, fade cut.